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Backing Tracks for Solo & Rhythm Guitar

You have instant access to more than 700 jam tracks, various styles.

Free chord charts, chord diagrams and video demos

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How to start using Backing Tracks?

Download an album or track of your choice.

The jam tracks are digital downloads, so you can use them immediately after you have bought them.

Download the FREE chord charts and diagrams, check out the inspiring video demos.

As a guitarist, you can use our tracks to practice inventing and playing solos.

The tracks have all a repeating nature, so you ‘ll have plenty of time and chances to nail that riff.

take your guitar playing to the next level

Backing tracks are a great way to improve your guitar playing

Jam Tracks will help you improve your scale knowledge, technique, tone, and your sense of rhythm.

It’s a must-do to become better at soloing & improvisation.

Practicing to a backing track is a fun and risk-free way to get better as a musician and develop your musical sensibilities

If you get good at playing with backing tracks, you’ll be good at playing with other people.

Jamming is all about experimenting and having fun.