Jam Tracks Guitar: Blues Extended Package

Jam Tracks Guitar: Blues Extended Package

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Blues Extended Package

30 Exclusive High Quality Blues Backing Tracks

The different facets of the heart and soul of the Blues are well represented in these 30 Blues Jam Tracks, ranging from slow blues rock, funky blues, slow shuffle to blues rock ballads. A must have for every Blues lover.

The complimentary free chord charts and diagrams support your technique and ‘ll bring your guitar playing to the next level

Transform your guitar practice with our blues extended backing track package!

With 30 soulful blues tracks, you'll have endless options for exploring the blues genre and honing your skills. Perfect for solo sessions or jamming with friends, these tracks will bring new life to your playing and inspire you to reach new heights. Don't miss out on this limited time offer, get your package today and become the blues master you were born to be.

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